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What is a Comprehensive Assessment and care plan?

Our comprehensive assessment process utilizes diagnostic testing tools and targeted questions to identify functional, medical, and psycho social aptitudes of the client.  This takes place via in-person meetings, telephone interviews, and reviewing of medical documentation to thoroughly analyze the current and plausible future needs, wants, and hopes of the client and their family. The goal of our assessment is to create an easy to follow “guide” to simplify current problems and help identify potential complications that may come up down the road. We want our client’s and their care team to feel prepared and satisfied with all elements of the client’s life.  The assessment comes complete with an official written report outlining ways to improve the client’s quality of life. 


A care plan is the next step after the comprehensive assessment. This is where the care manager sets specific goals and time frames for the completion of items mentioned in the assessment.

What is Life Care Management/Geriatric Care Management and who are care managers?

Geriatric care management is the field and practice of analyzing, coordinating, monitoring and advocating for adult and aging individuals. Care managers are professionals from many different disciplines that have an educational background and credentials.  At Hope Aging Care our care manager holds a Master level degree in Gerontology, is certified through the National Academy of Certified Care Managers and is an Advanced Professional through the Aging Life Care Association. 


What is a Care Team?

Care teams look different for each client. Typically, they include medical professionals, family members, neighbors, care managers, spiritual leaders, caregivers, and other allied care professionals.

Where do I start?

Simply click the link above “Book a free phone consultation” or call us at (949) 836-2812.

How Much is the Cost?

At Hope Aging Care we offer both short term and long-term care management options. We provide both hourly services and a variety of “care packages” which create a more affordable care model without losing quality of care. 

Aren’t care management services provided for free or through government agencies?

Yes and no. Care management services are sometimes provided to low-income individuals through social service and non-profit agencies. However, such services are often limited in scope and only address short-term problems with little long-term follow up for clients. 

What Areas Do We Serve?

Orange County, Los Angeles County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County, San Diego County.

Please note we will travel to other locations throughout the United States at special request. Call to discuss pricing. 

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