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 How Healthcare Advocacy Can Make a Difference

A new diagnosis or chronic disease can lead to heightened concern and stress. Whether you are an individual dealing with a personal medical condition or struggling to care for a loved one going  through a serious illness; Hope Aging Care can help. The healthcare system can be VERY confusing! Your primary doctor says one thing, the specialist says something else. A routine appointment turns in to numerous lab orders and a potential MRI. The medical field can become overwhelming very quickly. Hope Aging Care is here to help!


As a healthcare advocate we provide our client’s and their families with the trusted advice needed to avoid lengthened hospital stays, decrease unnecessary medications, stay compliant with doctor’s orders and simply decrease the stress during complicated medical situations.

We make sure to look out for our client’s best interest by educating families, managing medical situations, and speaking up for our client’s when things are not going as planned. Ultimately, giving everyone involved peace of mind to help our client’s focus on getting well.

Are you or a loved one experiencing any of the following? If so, we can help!

  1. Multiple medications for various conditions that are prescribed from multiple providers without proper follow-up from your medical professionals.

  2. Confusion over medical insurance coverage or Long term care insurance coverage due to a recent change of condition or current hospitalization.

  3. Currently in the hospital or skilled nursing facility due to a fall or acute medical condition and having problems with patient care, medication errors, lack of staff communication or medical billing issues.


Hope Aging Care is here to help and make sure you or your loved one is getting the most out of their professional medical team. 

Provided services:

  • Medication management and reconciliation.

  • Explain confusing information provided at medical appointments, and hospital discharge.

  • Make sure all medical professionals are in agreement with the patients plan of care and assist with implementing changes.

  • Assist client's with medical insurance appeals and coverage questions.

  • Apply for Long Term Care Insurance benefits

  • Oversee a patient throughout the hospitalization process making sure their loved ones know exactly what is happening and aiding in making sure the proper care is in place.


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